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Wear & Care: A 3 Step TLC Guide for Your Jewelry

By: Angela Cartigiano Although we may not like to admit it, for many of us, caring for our jewelry is a second thought. Often we just put our jewelry on, take it off (if we remember), and put it on top of our dresser or nightstand to repeat the process the next day. For some pieces, this might work, but for others, it could be dulling the shine or causing tarnish. Today on the blog we’re discussing our 3 step TLC guide for jewelry care and how to make the shine and luster of a brand new piece last. Primp First, Jewelry Second Remove any jewelry before showering, entering the pool, or jumping into the ocean; all these elements can...

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Rose Quartz & Amethyst - Jewelry that Heals

By: Angela Cartigiano Are you aware of the empowering properties that crystals contain? Whether you’re experiencing a moment of anxiety because of a big test, important meeting, or a first date, try wearing a piece of jewelry with a statement crystal pendant to help calm your nerves. Today on the blog we’re discussing two of the most popular stones used in our collection, Rose Quartz and Amethyst, and their healing properties when incorporated into your daily jewelry selection. Rose Quartz Perhaps the most popular of the quartz stone family is the Rose Quartz. With its flirtatious streams of pink and white swirls, it’s no wonder this beautiful stone is considered the “love magnet.” For centuries, this stone has held the...

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3 Tips for Layering Jewelry like a Pro

By: Angela Cartigiano During the summer less is more when it comes to clothing, but we can’t help but obsess over the latest layered jewelry trend that’s taking over our Instagram feeds. Fashion and beauty influencers from all over the world are seen donning multiple chains and cascading necklaces around their neck for a more effortless personalized look. This season, we’re all about this layered jewelry look and today on the blog we’re giving you some hot tips on how you can wear all your favorite accessories together without looking costume like. Mix & Match Chain Lengths & Weights The key to achieving an effortlessly glamorous look is to mix and match a variety of chain lengths and weights. We...

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Lariats: The Perfect Date Night Accessory

By: Angela Cartigiano If you haven’t already noticed dangling trails of delicate chains gracing the necklines of the hottest influencers, then you haven’t been paying attention. Not to worry, we’re discussing those dainty little pieces AKA lariats on our blog today and why they’re the perfect date night accessory. We know most of your attention goes toward finding the perfect date night outfit, but just like a gift box is never fully wrapped without a bow, an outfit is never fully styled without some accessory. This season’s hottest jewelry trend is nothing short of sexy. The Lariat’s subdued femininity will clutch the hearts of many with its y-shaped, lasso inspired silhouette. Simple yet versatile, these dainty pieces drape beautifully over...

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