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3 Tips for Layering Jewelry like a Pro

By: Angela Cartigiano

During the summer less is more when it comes to clothing, but we can’t help but obsess over the latest layered jewelry trend that’s taking over our Instagram feeds. Fashion and beauty influencers from all over the world are seen donning multiple chains and cascading necklaces around their neck for a more effortless personalized look. This season, we’re all about this layered jewelry look and today on the blog we’re giving you some hot tips on how you can wear all your favorite accessories together without looking costume like.

  1. Mix & Match Chain Lengths & Weights

The key to achieving an effortlessly glamorous look is to mix and match a variety of chain lengths and weights. We love pairing a slim, weightless chain with a thicker, heavier chain link necklace or chunkier beaded necklace. The contrast of dainty chains with heavier pieces will make a bold statement that reflects an edgy but sensual look.

To create that chic cascading effect, you’ll need to find pieces that have varying lengths. Start with a simple choker that’s typically 14” in length and wraps around the neck snuggly. Next, add a longer necklace with a small pendant charm, the average length of a necklace is 16” so find one that’s between 16”-18”. You can stop the layered look there or continue with additional necklaces that are longer, around 20”-22”. We love pairing the versatile Infinity Necklace with the Willow Choker or Maverick Necklace.

If you don’t have that many pieces or don’t have the budget to buy more, then opt for a single, affordable necklace that already has multiple layers in one–it’s the no-fuss version that also eliminates tangling. Our collection of accessories is full of beautiful and affordable pieces that look amazing when layered. Try the Poppy Lariat or Estrella Necklace for a pre-layered look that pops.

  1. Colorblock With Gold & Silver

We know the old saying goes something like “don’t mix metals” well, we’re here to tell you that when done right, it makes a lasting impression. The old fashion law is long gone, so don’t be afraid to mix gold and silver pieces. What’s essential for keeping this look fashionable is finding a common element among the differing metals. Whether it be a similar stone or gem or the same beads or charms, make sure the pieces share a commonality among them.

For a contrasting look that doesn’t break the bank, try wearing two of the Darling Chokers at once in silver and gold. You’ll receive double the love with this darling duo!

  1. Keep It Balanced!

Layering like a pro requires just the right amount of balance. Don’t overdo it! Stick to stacking just necklaces or just bracelets and rings; avoid doing both at the same time. Again, when mixing metals, try to stick to one theme that makes sense. Mixing and matching pieces can become costume like very quickly–try to steer clear of over-the-top pairings such as wearing multiple chunky necklaces or bracelets at once.

If you’re looking to layer on earrings, try an asymmetrical look that still achieves balance. Do this by mixing studs and hoops on one ear or even by wearing a single statement piece on one ear and a tiny stud on the other–just make sure your hair balances it out. Place all your hair to the side where the stud is to balance out the statement earring.

Whatever way you choose to wear your accessories, have fun with it! But the purpose of jewelry is to elevate your look, so don’t go overboard. For an effortless style that still looks polished, try layering your favorite accessories this season. Check out our full selection of Radar Jewelry products on the site and let us know what pieces you’d wear together in the comments section below!

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