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Chokers: The Comeback

Everyone remembers the '90s - baggy jeans, butterfly hairclips, and chokers. Back then you would mainly see the tattoo choker on every girl you would walk past, but that was really it.

Fast forward to 2017: chokers upgraded. The evolution of chokers have gone from a simple (but iconic) tattoo design to much more stylish, unique, and sophisticated models.

You can now find everyone from Gwen Stefani to Nicole Richie wearing chokers on the red carpet for event nights and in your daily paparazzi photos on a normal Tuesday.

Chokers have gone from a high school girl accessory to a fashion staple. Yes, you can still find the original tattoo choker on someone today, but you can also find more sophisticated chokers - detaching from the '90s era it came from.

The final verdict: we are totally obsessed, and think chokers are going to stay for the long run.

Shown in photos: the Roxi Choker in Gold, the Galaxy Choker in Gold and Silver


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  • Casey

    Love the choker the girl is wearing in the picture! 90s forever

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