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Wear & Care: A 3 Step TLC Guide for Your Jewelry

By: Angela Cartigiano

Although we may not like to admit it, for many of us, caring for our jewelry is a second thought. Often we just put our jewelry on, take it off (if we remember), and put it on top of our dresser or nightstand to repeat the process the next day. For some pieces, this might work, but for others, it could be dulling the shine or causing tarnish. Today on the blog we’re discussing our 3 step TLC guide for jewelry care and how to make the shine and luster of a brand new piece last.

  1. Primp First, Jewelry Second

Remove any jewelry before showering, entering the pool, or jumping into the ocean; all these elements can cause a chemical reaction on the surface of your prized pieces that lead to oxidation or tarnishing. You know–that dark coating that seemingly comes out of nowhere? On that note, you should also apply lotion, perfume, or any other beauty products and let them dry before putting on your favorite pieces of jewelry. Any abrasive chemicals, especially oxygen and sulfur dioxide, can cause tarnishing, so it’s also important to keep your jewelry stored in an air-tight location that’s free from excessive sunlight or heat exposure–which brings us to our next point.

  1. Storage

Keep your jewelry stored in an airtight plastic bag or soft cloth bag when not in use to avoid scratching, tarnishing, and damage. Each Radar Jewelry order comes with a cloth pouch for storage with each piece individually packaged in a tiny plastic baggy. These are the perfect storing conditions for any silver or gold plated pieces that are easily affected by overexposure to sunlight, heat, or chemicals. Never leave your jewelry laying out on your nightstand. Leaving pieces out in the open exposes your jewelry to those harsh elements we mentioned earlier.

  1. Scrub-a-Dub-Dub

Yes, you heard right, cleaning your jewelry every so often isn’t such a bad idea. What matters is the substance you use to clean it. We suggest using a soft bristle brush (a dull tooth brush works perfectly fine!). Avoid circular motions as this can cause micro-abrasions that dull the shine or damage the surface of your jewelry. Silver is especially soft and particularly sensitive to scrubbing so make sure to take it slow. Once you’ve finished scrubbing, pat it with a soft cloth. For extra sparkle, use a polishing cloth to remove any unwanted tarnish.

Your favorite jewelry pieces should be treated with some TLC in order to keep them looking their best. To sum it up, our three-step guide for reducing damage and tarnish goes as follows: 1) Apply all cosmetics and let them dry before putting on jewelry 2) Store in airtight ziplock bags or soft cloths that keep it safe 3) Gently clean once in a while to maintain shine and luster. Are there any tips that you feel we left out? Leave a comment below with your favorite jewelry care tips.

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