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Lariats: The Perfect Date Night Accessory

By: Angela Cartigiano

If you haven’t already noticed dangling trails of delicate chains gracing the necklines of the hottest influencers, then you haven’t been paying attention. Not to worry, we’re discussing those dainty little pieces AKA lariats on our blog today and why they’re the perfect date night accessory.

We know most of your attention goes toward finding the perfect date night outfit, but just like a gift box is never fully wrapped without a bow, an outfit is never fully styled without some accessory. This season’s hottest jewelry trend is nothing short of sexy. The Lariat’s subdued femininity will clutch the hearts of many with its y-shaped, lasso inspired silhouette.

Simple yet versatile, these dainty pieces drape beautifully over a LBD or PWT. So, whatever outfit you’ve got planned for that special date night, lariats will be your go-to neck adornment. Continue reading to see how we style these gorgeous necklaces for that special night out.

How to Style Lariats for Date Night

Casual Wear

For a casual date, we recommend wearing a simple, neutral-toned t-shirt or dress that will serve as a backdrop for the alluring chain of a lightweight lariat–think black, white, or navy blue. Its elegant, minimal appeal will have your date inching closer to steal a glimpse. Stick with a simple, single strand version like our Aquarius CZ Lariat, a chic alternative to the classic necklace that features a cubic zirconium diamond center. Keep it simple or add more bling by layering it with several other necklaces of varying length. We love pairing the Aquarius CZ Lariat with the Willow Choker, a simple beaded chain that wraps delicately around the neck.

Formal Wear

Sometimes we love to be a little dramatic, especially when it comes to date night. The perfect way to accessorize the sexy silhouette of a little black dress is to pair it with a multi-layered lariat like the Poppy Lariat which combines a choker and y-chain into one easy-to-wear necklace. This piece pairs best with sultry, diving necklines that complement the way it falls vertically down the front of your body. With two swinging tassels meeting at the center of the y-chain drop, the Poppy Lariat will catch the light with each step drawing your date’s eyes straight to it.

For a style that’s dominating, choose a one-of-a-kind lariat for a hint of shine that travels down the collarbone. Not only is it a great accent piece for more formal date wear, but it also acts as a great statement piece when layered over a more casual, pared-down outfit. So, no matter what you’ve got planned for date night, whether it’s a casual night at your favorite pizza place or a candle-lit dinner, count on the lariat to create a lasting impression. Our affordable collection of jewelry features several Lariats and a variety of other necklaces that pair nicely with them. Check out our full selection of Radar Jewelry products on the site and leave a comment below on which Lariat you’re dying to buy!

Blog post by Angela Cartigiano

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