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Rose Quartz & Amethyst - Jewelry that Heals

By: Angela Cartigiano

Are you aware of the empowering properties that crystals contain? Whether you’re experiencing a moment of anxiety because of a big test, important meeting, or a first date, try wearing a piece of jewelry with a statement crystal pendant to help calm your nerves.

Today on the blog we’re discussing two of the most popular stones used in our collection, Rose Quartz and Amethyst, and their healing properties when incorporated into your daily jewelry selection.

Rose Quartz

Perhaps the most popular of the quartz stone family is the Rose Quartz. With its flirtatious streams of pink and white swirls, it’s no wonder this beautiful stone is considered the “love magnet.”

For centuries, this stone has held the higher power of promoting a deeper sense of unconditional love and forgiveness. Its healing properties work with your soul to assist in deepening your connection with others. Associated with the heart chakra, Rose Quartz stones help to open up your heart and allow for emotional healing. Depend on this stone to give you a sense of calm in moments of unrest or uneasiness. It will help you to create deep and meaningful relationships that are established on trust and understanding.

In need of a little extra self-love? Wear a beautifully crafted Rose Quartz necklace like the Gypsy Necklace which features a stunning pointed stone that sits close to the heart. You’ll feel the negativity drain from your body as it is replaced with pure positivity and light.


Another member of the quartz family is the Amethyst stone which possesses beneficial healing properties that help with mental clarity. Its association with the crown chakra may come as no surprise considering this stone has been used for decades in crown jewels for royalty. Its distinct violet hue gives the wearer a sense of overall spiritual calmness, balance, and peace.

When used during meditation, the Amethyst helps to relax nerves and reduce stress. Wear this stone when you’re experiencing a moment of high anxiety or emotional turmoil as it is known for attracting positive energy while ridding the body of negative energy.

Whether it’s during an important interview, meeting, or even a first date, don’t forget your favorite Amethyst accessory. If you haven’t found your go-to Amethyst accessory yet, check out the Gypsy Necklace or Trifecta Necklace, two striking takes on the gemstone jewelry trend. Get ready to enjoy a more profound sense of peace and mental clarity when you wear this beautiful, grounding crystal.

There’s no doubt these crystals hold incredible power. Embrace your spiritual harmony with the unmatched beauty of Rose Quartz and Amethyst crystals.

Emotional connectivity is as simple as throwing on your favorite stone encrusted necklace over a simple t-shirt or LBD. Check our out extensive collection of jewelry and find the piece that speaks to you. Let us know in the comments below which crystal you find the most helpful and why. We’d love to hear from you!

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